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Q: "How 'hilly' is The Dehydrator?" A: We describe our ride as 'low-rolling' hills. There are very few hills that we would consider to be 'monsterous' or 'extremely-challenging'. The more vertical ones are typically short and the overall incline for most are shallow and long. We are 'hillier' than, say, the north Texas area (HHH) by a little bit, and 'not-as-hilly' as most of the central Oklahoma rides. Check our maps for overall ascent/descent amounts.

Q: "Are there any camping areas close to The Dehydrator?" A: You can actually camp at the Simmons Center where we hold the event. You will need to call them for availability and rules/regulations. You can reach them at (580) 252-2900.

Q: "When are you gonna come down? When are you going to land?" A: I should have stayed on the farm. I should have listened to my old man.

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