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Our Vols: Some of the ones who help. (Just for the fun of it!)

Chisholm Trail Amateur (HAM) Radio Club

These guys and gals do an AWESOME job coordinating all of our SAGs! They not only keep in constant contact for bringing in riders, but help keep track of hydration stations in need of re-supplies. They are also the ones on the 'other end' of the emergency phone. Take some time and watch their military-like operation. They are more than glad to show people their technology and always on the lookout for new members.Thanks to all of them!!

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Marlow Gunfighters

How can we say it?......This group is JUST. PLAIN. ORNERY!

If you ride the longer routes, you stand a good chance of getting bushwhacked by them! They might shoot holes in your water bottle or steal one of you bananas! It won't be good!

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Duncan Police Department

These men and women start the day off right by escorting the whole mob to ensure everyone gets through the city safely. They stop traffic to provide crossings at major points as the wave of riders heads through-and-out-of town. We count on them every year and they always come through!

Stephens County Sheriff's Department

Sometimes riders come upon unexpected high traffic areas outside of the city-proper, and that's where these guys come in handy. They help to ensure safe passage for our entrants where we need them. They volunteer their time and we appreciate them for it!!

Boy Scouts

Local troops usually command one of our rest stops. They are "always prepared"! And you don't have to lay your bike on the ground.........they'll hold it for you!

Oklahoma Bicycle Rides

You'll see band students all day long, helping wherever they can; helping serve lunch, cleaning tables, helping registration, working a hydration station, or squirting you with squirt guns and giving you a cheer as you cross the finish line at 'Celebration Station'!

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